Phone Counselling

Jane has been able to move mountains in her work with me…she has really helped me shift my perspective from feeling like a victim to an empowered person with the right to choose who and what I allow into my life now.

To me, finding an effective therapist is like choosing a suitable relationship or business partner – and I strongly believe Jane relates well with many people, due to her empathetic, non-judgmental, honest and supportive nature.

I would also highly recommend sessions with Jane to anyone working in a caring capacity eg therapists, full time carers etc, to give yourselves that dedicated & well deserved self-care time.

Sheri M – Qld

In just 6 short weeks of intensive phone counselling Jane completely turned my life around.
After enduring years of abuse from multiple narcissistic partners Jane helped me better understand the profile of a narcissist. This assisted me in coming to terms with the abuse I had endured and helped me answer the questions of ‘why’ they behaved the way they did and ‘why’ they do the things they do.

Additionally Jane helped me go back and look into my present to identify my own weaknesses and vulnerabilities which contributed to my being a target for narcissists.

With this foundation built she then started to help me rebuild and rediscover who I am, what I want and what I don’t want. Jane helped me set boundaries, have difficult conversations and gave me a toolbox to take with me to spot the signs and stop the cycle of narcissistic abuse from repeating again.

Words cannot express my incredible gratitude for Jane. I am now so thankful to have been ‘discarded’ by my narcissist. I am the happiest I have ever been. The future is so bright and promises, with Jane’s help, to be free of any further narcissistic abuse.



Thank you very much Jane for helping me though one of the most difficult times in my life.
Your truth, experience and advice was vital to help me understand and leave a very abusive relationship with a covert narcissist that was destroying my health and life.

It helped me cut off a very dangerous and painful soul tie and to begin to heal and start a new life over again.
There is no question you came into my life at the right time with some of the right answers and realities I needed to hear, to not look back and only move forward. I thank God for you, your love and genuine care to see people get better and start a new better and wiser narcissist free life in the future.



On the first session I was desperate to speak to someone about my story.

Jane gave me enough time to release it all. She totally understood why I was so stressed and felt crazy.

In the next few sessions I was still very stressed from being bullied by my husband. I was really suffering and in such a hurry to find a solution. Jane was patient with me every time, trying to bring the focus on myself rather than my husband. I learnt some techniques to protect myself from nasty verbal attacks and to keep me strong.

‘Treat yourself like your best friend’ and ‘I am doing well enough’. These words Jane taught me became my focus and I kept repeating them in my head.

Eventually I made a decision on my own to be independent. I am now getting back my bright days and feeling positive.

Jane’s counselling was like a journey for me, looking back at my past and finding memories. I realised how my personality was affected by them. Finally it brought me to the important part that is how to fix the negative points in me.

I appreciate so much Jane for being a strong counsellor for me. There were many points to focus on. I wouldn’t be able to live this happily without her advice. I really recommend her counselling for people who are in a relationship with a narcissist.

Jane understands the suffering and knows how to get you out of it, which other counsellors had not.
Thank you very much Jane

Signed, HL.



Jane has shown sensitivity and empathy in helping me deal with a difficult relationship and family issues.

She was able to pinpoint quickly what the right directions were despite my resistance, and also asked deep questions that I never asked myself.

She reminded me how important self love and value were.

Thank you,



“I would highly recommend Jane Watson as a Psychotherapist. I have found her to be patient, warm, sensitive, perceptive, astute, and to have an acute understanding of the ‘human condition”

Christopher Clark



“Jane Watson is very professional and inviting into a warm atmosphere. Her kind and friendly approach helped me actively apply the advice given. Jane listened and was caring and interested in helping. I wish to thank Jane for all her calm assistance and advice in moving forward. Would recommend Jane for anyone as she has helped me greatly. ”

Nancy Alssema