Therapy, Counselling & Relationship services for Narcissist abuse victims

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Jane has been in clinical practice for over 10 years. Her understanding and desire to assist victims suffering from the abuse of a narcissist personality began with her own association, hence recognising the need for appropriate guidance and treatment in this area.  This led to attaining a Diploma in Analytical Counselling/Psychotherapy, together with related courses in Loss and Grief, and Addiction. Jane’s therapeutic approach includes an integrative blend of humanistic and existential psychotherapies, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy [ACT],  and mindfulness.

“Walking on eggshells” is a term I constantly hear in my practice.  Unless someone has lived with and experienced the often insidious abuse that comes with a narcissistic personality, I believe it is not possible to properly grasp the cruel dynamics  we have suffered. It can be immensely challenging to find your confidence and navigate  towards self care again.

Narcissists tend to see an exchange with their current ‘target’ as a  contest of wills, where there can be only one winner! Their motive is to manipulate and take control, usually ruthlessly and without remorse. They work hard to recognise and turn to their advantage the insecurities and self doubt we may have, and use this information to confuse and taunt. Residual self doubt can last a lifetime. Restoring balance and harmony back to some normality usually necessitates addressing unconscious and conscious limited beliefs.

This is hopefully where my experience, understanding and knowledge can help….

Building positive relationships whether it be with a partner, friend, family member or at work is a necessity, something we are not taught at school, even though it is fundamental to our lives. It often requires relearning certain skills to confront and solve a breakdown in communication.  Talking with someone who is not immediately connected to you is most helpful in assisting with unhealthy learnt behavior. The focus can then be towards creating resilience and building a  positive future .

Assisting people in the aftermath of a traumatic experience, whether it be in a personal relationship, family or workplace (where one can be bullied and used, often viewed as little more than an object for self-gratification), takes careful handling. The prolonged negative emotional stress and trauma experienced whilst in these types of relationships can take an indescribable toll on the individual, often leaving you feeling confused, and not able to trust your own judgement.  Deep feelings of worthlessness, to a point of suicidal thoughts are not uncommon.

My primary goal is to assist people to understand themselves, their behavior and responses to confrontation. Also to recognise and navigate through troublesome differences in any type of relationship. It is of utmost importance to address these issues and stop a continuing cycle of abuse. Understanding your trauma and developing self awareness helps to safeguard against further exploitation.

We offer a small, private practice in the Perth metropolitan area providing a safe, supportive and empathetic space. Our therapeutic goal is for you to develop and strengthen effective strategies to accept the past, welcoming new challenges with renewed confidence and a strong sense of empowerment. It takes time and patience with yourself to  begin to see the bigger picture of the circumstances that led you down this road.
Let the healing begin!